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Fly Board Dubai

Fly Board Adventure - 350 AED

Fly-board is the newest action water sport in the Dubai! A fly-board is a foot mounted board that connects to a jetski. The power from the engine is redirected to jets on the bottom of the flyboard causing a gravity defying boost into the air.

Our trained professionals control the power manually making it an easy transition from the sea to the air. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook to see some videos of our clients progress on this new and exciting sport.

Experience your very own flight over Dubai beaches with the Sun and Fun flyboard sessions.

Adventures in Dubai

Our Safety is Your Saftey

We have some safety rules. Everyone that wants to learn to fly board for the first time has to pass our fly board first time training from our instructor.

Our fly board instructors will go through the safety training before your ride and see you enjoy all the fun later.

The Flyboard is a bolt on a device that is attached to a jet ski and requires proper instructions and safety gear before being able to use the product successfully and efficiently. So that the PWC follows the rider’s trail allowing the rider all types of freedom even allowing the rider to go under water if they desire. The pilot that is on the fly board is in complete control of the navigation while the throttle is controlled by the person in charge of the PWC.

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