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When we say "Sun & Fun" we mean extreme fun and extreme excitement! Be your own captain as you ride along Dubai world-famous places, the perfect way to get your heart pumping and a great way to maximize the fun here in Dubai.

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I want to try watersports such as jet ski and flyboarding in Dubai, but I don’t know how to swim. Is it still possible for me to go?

Adventure watersports with Sun and Fun is safe. We have professional instructors to guide you and provide you with life jackets for your safety. At the beginning of the tour, we also have a safety briefing.

What do I need to wear?

We recommend you to wear light clothing for safety reasons. However, there are no restrictions with choice of swimwear. You can wear any types of bathing suits, rash guards, shorts, swim trunks, or any other clothes that are made of light texture and are comfortable. You have the option to change your clothes.

Is it necessary to wear a life jacket?

By law, everyone who goes for jet skiing must wear a life jacket at all times. This is also to ensure your safety even if you know how to swim. We provide life jackets for both adults and children of all sizes.

Can a beginner go for jet ski rental?

Instructors will be leading the tour in Dubai for your safety and catch any danger coming before it reaches to you. Our professional instructors will assist you in your riding skills and help you regarding any problems you may face during your Jet Ski trip.

How many people can ride on one Jet Ski?

Our brand-new jet skis accommodate comfort seating for 2 persons.

How does flyboarding work?

Flyboard is powered by a jet ski’s throttle, or a Personal Water Craft (PWC). There is a connecting hose from the back of the PWC to the flyboard. You’ll need to stand in the flyboard with your feet strapped onto a jetpack device. The water coming out from the connecting hose drives you through water and air.

Is it safe for a first-time to try out flyboarding?

Our flyboard experience can be tailored to suit all levels. Also, our experienced instructors can assist and teach a first timer, beginner, intermediate or a professional flyboarder.

What are health concerns to consider before going for flyboarding?

Serious back or knee injuries pose as a concern as it would decrease flyboarding power. For the best and safe experience, we recommend you to only go for flyboarding once your injuries are treated.

Do you have age and weight requirements for flyboarding?

Riders under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian with them. Most flyboard support riders between 90-300 lbs.

How long does it take to learn flyboarding?

It depends on how long you can find your balance. Once you find it, you’ll be able to make the most out of your flyboarding experience. Flyboarding is actually easier than it looks. With the help of our professional instructors, you can take water sports to a whole new level.


Ma meilleure expérience à Dubai ! Ayant su que j'ai déjà fait du Jet, ils m'ont proposés de m'aventurer vers l'expédition Sportive h'edition'$, Hedi m'a laissé choisir entre un Yamaha de 1800cc ou un petit jet léger parfait pour les tricks. J'ai eu un briefing complet, prix sont raisonnables et le service extraordinaire du début à la fin. Hedi a eu des photos ouff !! trop content de mon humanflag eheh. Changer rien la team !

Miad Rastegar
Miad Rastegar Belgium

Best place in Dubai for jet ski! Very professional staff caring about safety and super friendly, very good equipment (different types of jet-ski according to your level) , all you need to enjoy the most of Dubai Skyline. I fully recommend this place even for beginner.


Living in the UAE since more than two years, it is thanks to Sun and Fun and its "Dubai Marina Tour" that I discovered the Sheikh island! On our way back, we took memorable pic of us in front of the Burj-Al-Arab at the sunset... It was unforgettable. I recommend, 100% ;)

Bleuenn Ménard
Bleuenn Ménard Abu Dhabi

Super expérience une équipe au top, très agréable et professionnel en cas de second voyage à dubai je retournerai faire un tour de jet chez eux sans hésitation !!!!!!!!!

Olivia Germineau
Olivia Germineau France

Merci beaucoup pour ce moment de détente et de découverte. Nous avons très apprécié votre accueil et vos conseils avant notre tour en jet-ski. Nous recommanderons avec plaisir « Sun & Fun Water Sport » et merci encore pour votre gentillesse et votre professionnalisme. Noredine et Fatima.

Nordine Massad
Nordine Massad France

Very nice experience. A punctual and very professional service. We were able to approach the burj Arab and Jet Ski with the manager of the company who in addition to his joy could give us advice and addresses for our stay. I strongly advise. Very affordable prices and a very good service.I thank the whole team.

Pepito Savas
Pepito Savas Dubai

It was my first time ever on a jet ski and I must say it was the most amazing experience ever! My boyfriend and I got on the same one and I was slightly scared at first, but was made to feel safe and comfortable. Collins was our instructor and he was so helpful and took loads of photos and videos for us, we had an amazing time and constantly joking around with him. I would definitely recommend to any first-timers for jet ski and will 100% be returning when I’m next in Dubai!

Angel Luong
Angel Luong United Kingdom

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